Founded in December 1993, D.G.O.M³ S.A has developed a new concept in Belgium: sub-contracting of BORING & BLASTING.

The first company of this type in the EPC group – the European leader in manufacturing and selling explosives – it has constantly improved its working methods and enhanced its capabilities with high-performance tools.

Our aim at D.G.O.M³ S.A is to offer its customers quality of service in total safety.

Our primary speciality is selling the rock blown out at the quarries of our customers by cubic metre. However, our skilled personnel and specialist equipment allows us to perform occasional more specific tasks.


Over the years, we have developed a range of boring management processes thanks to instrumentation of the parameters controlling quality of firing:

           - Siting
           - Boring
           - Elaboration of blasting patterns
           - Performance of blasting
           - Measuring vibration
           - Measuring blast quality
           - Analysis of results

      Adapting blasting patterns

This instrumentation provides us with pre- and post-blasting control. When combined with analysis, this allows us to continually improve the quality and safety of our services.
At D.G.O.M³ S.A., everyone contributes to the company’s success, development, methods and processes.


Years of experience and careful listening to our customers needs have led D.G.O.M³ S.A. to perfect our techniques. By working in collaboration with quarries, we can ensure a finished product compliant with requirements, in terms of size and quantity. Our team and its tools help you to manage and develop your quarry. And that is not all: you benefit from our specialist equipment that ensures heightened seismic control compliant with standards.


For D.G.O.M³ S.A., operating efficiency also involves equipment quality. In order to accurately meet your requirements, we continually invest in hi-tech equipment. Because each work site is a new challenge, we make sure that we work with the best tools. Because we want to always offer reliable and adapted services, D.G.O.M³ S.A. has a maintenance department that carries out maintenance, repairs and accessibility planning for the equipment.


We are aware of the dangers involved in our trade and put our employees’ safety at the top of our priorities. As such, D.G.O.M³ S.A. and the EPC group devote the necessary efforts to reduce the risk of accidents both on work sites and during day to day tasks.
As a result, all employees receive suitable training (the STOP programme) and are heavily implicated in their own safety.