EPC-Belgique sells a comprehensive range of priming systems intended for the mining, quarrying, public works and seismic sectors. They are manufactured in the French factory of DAVEY BICKFORD, which has been certified ISO 9001 compliant.

DAVEYTRONIC electronic detonator
The DAVEYTRONIC 3 has arrived: it is a detonator with an electronic firing circuit. This system allows you to program the delay time of the detonators by between 1 and 14000 milliseconds per time step of 1 millisecond. Before firing, a full check of the priming system is performed by the firing console. The DAVEYTRONIC allows you to seamlessly adapt the firing sequence to minimise nuisances and optimise firing results.
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DAVEYDET electric detonator
EPC-Belgique sells DAVEYDET electric detonators of different lengths, electrical intensity and delays. These detonators are used in many countries and are renowned for their superb reliability. Their production standards and quality control places them amongst the best performing in the world.

  * DAVEYDET 3 to 8 metres, medium and high intensity, short delay 25 ms or delay of 500 ms.
  * DAVEYDET GL 10 to 50 metres, medium intensity and short delay 25 ms.
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EPC-France sells DAVEYNEL and DAVEYQUICK products:

  * The DAVEYNEL is a detonator triggered by a shock-wave tube. It comes complete with a surface connector for priming the firing circuit. This system can be used for open-air and underground work. The detonator delays range from 75 ms to 2 s. The connectors’ delay times range from 0 to 100 ms.
 DAVEYNEL detonators datasheet   DAVEYQUICK detonators datasheet

DAVEYCORD detonating cord
DAVEYCORD is a detonating cord made up of a pentaerythritol tetranitrate core contained in a textile sheath and wrapped in a plastic envelope to protect it from damp. Different grammages are available:

  * DAVEYCORD 5 g/metre for priming of non-electrical detonators
  * DAVEYCORD 10 or 20 g/metre for priming of a column of explosives
  * DAVEYCORD 40 or 70 g/metre for pre- or post sectioning applications (pre-splitting, contour borehole in underground blast, etc.)
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EPC-Belgique S.A. sells a comprehensive range of explosives intended for the mining, quarrying, public works and seismic sectors: bulk emulsions, explosive emulsion cartridges, dynamite, ammonium nitrate-fuel oil, etc. These products are manufactured in the EPC group’s factories, mainly at the EPC-France factory in St Martin de Crau.

EPC-Belgique S.A. has several Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units (MEMU). The explosives produced are emulsion / ammonium nitrate-fuel oil mixtures that provide optimum filling of boreholes combined with improvement in safety of firing explosive products:

BLENDEX 30 and 30 A : composite emulsion for work in quarries.
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BLENDEX 70 and 70 A : composite emulsion for work in quarries.
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NITRAM Emulsions
The NITRAM 5 and 9 explosive emulsions represent the most recent development in industrial explosives developed by EPC-France. The variety of formulations and sensitivity methods (gasification or glass micro-beads) means they are suitable to all types of work site and uses.
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EXPLUS Emulgel
The very latest of EPC-France’s creations, EXPLUS is a high-performance emulsion which provides users with increased energy, a high detonation velocity as well as excellent safety of use.
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EXPLUS TSR formulation has been specially designed to comply to the most difficult conditions of use.
It's high detonation pressure and high static pressure resistance make the EXPLUS TSR an efficient explosive even in falty and watery rocks.
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DYNAROC Dynamites
EPC-Belgique S.A. sells a DYNAROC dynamite formulation adapted to the development of blasting techniques: DYNAROC 9 A
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NITRO D8 and NITRAL B ammonium nitrate-fuel oil
The NITRO D8 and NITRAL B ammonium nitrate-fuel oils are typified by their excellent safety of use, high energy performance and affordable price. They are used in quarries and on public works sites in combination with conventional explosive cartridges.
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NITRALEX splitting devices
NITRALEX splitting devices are made up of cartridges of emulsion in rigid plastic ducting, primed by a detonating cord. They are used for splitting work on excavation sites (pre-splitting) or in quarrying of ornamental rocks. Like all emulsions, this product boasts excellent safety of use.
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CELTAMEX fracturing agent
The CELTAMEX fracturing agent is a non-explosive material splitter. It consists of cement slurry, is used in boreholes and allows most materials (rock, concrete, reinforced concrete, etc.) to be fractured. It is simple to use and harmless for the environment.
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Equipment and software

MICROTIR is a dedicated software application for editing blasting patterns. The priming plan can be designed with all types of detonators: electric, sequential, electronic and non-electric. The loading plan is produced easily and all the explosives can be updated as they change. It also allows you to calculate and monitor the costs of firing.
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